GAIN newsletters

Number 2 – October 2019

GAIN – setting the stage for the eco-intensification of EU aquaculture.
At the end of an intense and vibrant year, on May 7th and 8th GAIN partners gathered at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven to take stock of the achievements accomplished thus far and to plan for future activities. One of the overarching objectives of the GAIN project is to support producers by providing access to large scale data on environmental conditions using a combination of sensors supported at farms, on drones, aeroplanes and satellites. GAIN has established a common cloud-based data management and services platform that offers unified access to relevant information such as sensor data, relevant public data, model hindcasts, nowcasts, and forecasts, and farm operations data.

Number 1 – May 2019

GAIN is a collaborative project funded by the EU and designed to support the ecological intensification of aquaculture in the EU and European Economic Area. It has the dual objectives of increasing production and competitiveness of the industry, while ensuring sustainability and compliance with regulations on food safety and environment. Eco-intensification of European aquaculture is a challenge that requires the integration of scientific and technical innovations, new policies and economic instruments, as well as addressing social considerations, in order to promote the implementation of the principles of circular economy in aquaculture.