Waister innovative method for mortalities drying

By: Hallstein Baarset

Waister has developed an innovative method for mortalities drying in aquaculture. This method is a substitute for ensilage, which is the most common way of treating mortalities today.

By using a Waister 15 drying machine, mortalities disposal may be reduced by 85 % compared to ensilage. This is achieved without adding formic acid. In this way, the method represents a substantial improvement for employees’ safety by elimination of hazards related to application of formic acid.

Hallstein Baarset at Adriatic Farming, Croatia, where a Waister 15 has been in operation since December 2020.

Waister has used the method on fish from the smallest fish of a few grams up to 4.5 kg. It works well on all kinds of fish – and has even been applied to salmon and trout with high fat content. For these fish species an additive, being wood chips or dried spent grain, is used to ensure a stable processing.

The development and verification of the method has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 773330.

Aqua-Nor Waister stand, 2021.

The official market launch of Waister 15 for mortalities happened at Aqua-Nor in Trondheim August 2021.

Check out all more about this innovative method to re-use fish mortalities in this video:

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